Samsung One UI 6′ Android 14 official codenamed – Upside Down Cake

Samsung is currently rolling out the One UI 4.1 software update based on Android 12 to eligible Galaxy devices. It goes on to say that the company plans to launch the beta version of the One UI 5 app based on Android 13 by July this year.

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Meanwhile, it seems that Google has already revealed the internal codename of the Android 14 operating system. According to information obtained by 9to5Google, the American tech giant has internally given the Android 14 mobile platform a dessert name (codename) – “Upside Down Cake”.


In an alphabetical manner, Google gives a dessert name to every new Android version, for example, we call Tiramisu to Android 13. Accordingly, it was already anticipated that the next OS will have a dessert name starting with the alphabet “U”, which is now exposed too ahead.

Android 14 Upside Down Cake

Samsung’s own created One UI is also based on Google’s Android operating system. While the current One UI 4 is based on Android Snow Cone, the upcoming One UI 5 will surely be based on the Android Tiramisu. Hence, we can assume that the forthcoming Samsung One UI 6 (tentative name) will be on top of Android 14 – Upside Down Cake.

Upside Down Cake

According to the info, we can refer to an upside-down cake as a cake, which is baked “upside-down” in a single pan along with its toppings at the bottom of the pan. After baking the cake once, the same procedure has been followed, just by ultimately flipping the cake.