Samsung One UI 4.1 Tip: How to use Eye Comfort Shield on your Galaxy phone?

Now, at this time when smartphones are so important in our daily life whether we talk about work, study, or personal use. Users spend there most of their time with their phone’s screen, which further causes pain and irritation in their eyes.  So for that Samsung has innovated a new feature called Eye comfort shield.

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The Eye Comfort Shield or Eye Comfort Protection feature is available with the Android 12-One UI 4.1 update that ensures greater comfort when viewing content on your smartphone and is available on Galaxy smartphones. Additionally, after a long day at work, the smartphone reduces blue light emissions by combining a warmer and more comfortable tone, protecting the user’s eyes and this reducing eye fatigue.

Notably, the smaller change in screen brightness plays a significant role bu reducing the blue light emission from your smartphone’s display. Samsung assured that the Eye Comfort Shield feature guarantees more outstanding as well as convenience, especially at night.

With Android 12 based One UI 4.1 Galaxy devices also allow you to configure settings to automatically adjust the display colors throughout the day or night. That’s why, the Samsung smartphone can activate the function every day, always at the same time, so you don’t waste your time and get the rest you need when you need it most.

How to enable Eye Comfort Shield

  • Swipe down on your screen to access your Quick Settings.
  • Swipe across the screen to the next page.
  • Locate Eye Comfort Shield.
  • Tap on Eye Comfort Shield to enable or disable the setting.

How to enable Eye Comfort Shield using Display Settings

  • Tab to your phone’s Settings.
  • Find and Enter Display.
  • Scroll down and visit Eye Comfort Shield.
  • Turn the toggle on Eye Comfort Shield.

How to Adjust/Schedule Eye Comfort Shield

  • Tap and hold the Eye Comfort Shield option in the Quick Settings.
  • Select between Adaptive or Custom.
  • If you prefer to use activate this setting at a certain time of day tap on Set Schedule.
  • Tap on your preferred timing.
  • If you like to adjust the Colour Temperature intensity, drag the bar from left to right to suit your preference.