Samsung One UI 4.1 offers these convenient features that users should know!

The new Samsung One UI 4.1 update delivers a better mobile experience for better control over your Galaxy device options with new customization options, privacy features, and the Samsung ecosystem. Samsung has promised to provide the best possible mobile experience.

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Meanwhile, here in this article, you will find some of the One UI 4.1 features and options available on your Galaxy device to make your Samsung experience as satisfying as possible.


Personalization mobile experience with One UI 4.1

Appreciations to the personalized mobile experience of One UI 4.1, each user can reflect their style on a Galaxy device. From a wide range of colors that allow you to change the look of everything – home screen, icons, menus, buttons, wallpapers, and/or applications.

Redesigned widgets help you perform tasks faster without unlocking your phone. It is also possible to customize emojis, GIFs, and stickers to express each message with more personality, making them more adorable and incredible.

Manage your Galaxy Home Screen

The latest update, One UI 4.1, lets you control and organize what you see on your phone to suit your needs and preferences. For example, the new Samsung calendar allows you to set up all your important events and appointments to make your job easier.

Your friends can keep track of your schedule, and you can easily share your calendar with other Galaxy users. In addition, deleted events and many other new features can be trashed for up to 30 days if needed.


In addition, with the new enhancements in the Samsung Gallery update, you can find everything you want and keep your videos and photos in order so you don’t miss a thing. With more control over information and files, you can create stories with video highlights automatically, as well as be able to see your location.

For example, it can help you organize travel photos easily. That way, you can keep all the memories in order and save the Remastered Images and bring them back to their original versions at any time.

Improved Productivity and Connectivity

Samsung One UI 4.1 takes device productivity and connectivity to the next level and takes advantage of the diverse range of Galaxy devices that allow high-quality chatting with friends and family, as well as third-party applications like Google Duo that provide video calling. In addition, whether you use a Galaxy Z, Galaxy Watch, or Galaxy Tab, you get the same look and feel on all your devices and sync them seamlessly.
Finally, One UI 4.1 also brings new privacy and security features, so you can choose exactly what you want to share or keep personal. One UI 4 makes it easy to monitor and control your privacy settings. For example, when an app tries to access a camera or microphone with alerts or a new privacy card that offers all the settings and permissions in one place.