Samsung Home Up update unleashes icon customization

Hello Galaxy wearers, do yourself a favor if you want to add a little customization. If you want to be able to browse pasteboard and apps with your device’s clean home screen, Samsung has created an updated version of its Good Lock Mobile, Home Up module, that offers such an option.

This update introduces a brand new feature: mostly it refers to how big or how small the icons can be. No longer will anyone sit with fixed icon dimensions set by platform designers. You will now be able to tune your app icons to a much smaller neck size with a simple tap manipulator. One of the major selling points of Home Up is its commitment to versatility. This can either provide a more detailed look using an 80% size or take a more adventurous approach with a 120% size. It all depends on your taste.

The seat’s 110% setting was our favorite as it allows a balance between comfort and getting out of the shade. The update includes several features such as unified settings and the “App Labels” function combined into a single Home Up module called “App Icon Settings”.

We are happy to announce that for all our Galaxy users, Galax is finally here and available for download on the Galaxy Store. Whereas those living in some areas may have to wait until the remaining work is completed. Don’t panic! Here’s an option: You can get the latest news through this reputable third-party source (shout out to TarunVats33) until the media site in your area releases official information.

So, be your designer and customize the look of your phone using the Home Up update. With this tool, you can have your emergency kit without spending so much on a brand-name kit.

Blight Mojave
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