Google I/O May 2024 reveal Samsung’s budget-friendly XR Headset

Samsung’s XR headset is rumored as the next release for Google I/O 2024. Samsung gadget experts are eager to show off XR headset features at Google I/O 2024. Google is about to announce a collaboration, especially as they are collaborating with Samsung and Qualcomm on this matter.

Samsung’s announcement of the XR headset in August last year created a wave of excitement in the tech sector. Reportedly, a developer team is in place that includes the design and launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6, which is expected to take place in July. According to rumors, this headset will be on the Android platform, it is not likely. There is likely to be a Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon XR 2+ Gen 2 chipset and a stunning Sony micro-OLED display.

Samsung is expected to devalue Apple’s approach by setting the price of its Pro Vision lower than the Apple headset which Vision is associated with premium features. This puts the headset at the same level as the Meta Quest 3 and its features while it lowers the price and makes it cheaper and, therefore more accessible to the consumer. Given that the product will always be reviewed in comparison to a similar Apple product, such a price difference could lead to two market segments of the products.

This comes after Samsung’s recent Galaxy launch, where all their innovation efforts have been seen in this industry.

Blight Mojave
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