Samsung Galaxy S21 second April 2023 update update

Galaxy S21 family gets long-awaited security boost in multiple regions

Well done to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and S21 lineup! Are you excited? If you are in Europe Latin America or any other region like the USA then it is the right time to upgrade your latest Nokia smartphone to the April 2024 security update. With this important software update, you have addressed several security vulnerabilities in previous versions of the phone’s software, and in turn, will be able to boost the security level of the phone.

All the tweaks in the Galaxy S21 FE update which are software-based are focused on improving security. (Versions may vary depending on region). Without any fancy new advanced features and performance upgrades, it is guaranteed to keep your phone safe from security vulnerabilities.

Regarding unlocked US models (Sony S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra) the update is available for version G9XXU1UESAFXD1. This is also the case with the S21 FE which addresses security by introducing quad version of patches for various vulnerabilities.

Here’s how to check for updates: If you’re in Settings, click “Software Update” and then tap “Download and Install.”

However, Galaxy S21 series users should also already expect One UI 6.1 as its next update. As details are scant, one can only imagine what the mid-2020 security update will bring beyond what the April security update offered. Everything we know so far about One UI 6.1 will be expanded with more details like its functionality. Beware Part 2!

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