samsung galaxy store update

Samsung Galaxy Store offering a great deal with 30% discount on all apps

As we know Samsung Galaxy Store didn’t provide any kind of promotional offers on the regular basis. Today the tradition is going to end, as Samsung has offered a huge discount of 30% on all its applications which are made available to the user in an instant.

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Today on April 29, 2022, the Galaxy Store with a flat 30 percent discount, and they will only be available for a limited time. You are eligible to get promotional offers not only on utility Apps but Gaming Apps also, and from now these benefits can be taken every weekend.

samsung galaxy store update

Galaxy Store Exclusive Promotion

Some of the most exclusive offers are listed below

  • Past Seven-day purchase: If you have not made a purchase in the past 7 days you will get a 3 dollar coupon, just by attempting the purchase of 3.99 dollars or higher.
  • Serving 20% OFF: After your first purchase, if you simply select any item, you will earn a 20% off coupon before the checkout.
  • Serving 30% OFF: After your second purchase, just select any of the items you like the most, you will 30% off coupon before the checkout.
  • Awesome 99% OFF: If your total purchase reaches above 300 dollars, you are going to earn 99 percent off when you checkout.

To be noted, the total purchases are calculated based on the accumulation of your overall payment transactions that you have done in the past seven days. So please don’t wait. It’s a limited-time deal, just open the Samsung Galaxy Store and select your favorite one.