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Best Samsung Galaxy tablets to buy right now in the US

Over the past few years,  Android tablets have been dropping their popularity and various other companies have had to abandon them. But nobody gave authority to Android Galaxy tabs, it regularly releases new tablet options every year with killer hardware, as well as ships its Android to the coveted software.

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Whether you pick our top overall preference – the Galaxy Tab S8 or any of the other options in this roundup, the best Samsung tablets have a lot to set them apart from other well-known brands.

Best Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

When it comes to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, you get what no other Android tablet can offer. At 14.6 inches, you get stunning display space with the same smooth refresh rate as a very small flagship phone.

There’s a small scratch that you quickly get used to ignoring and with extra RAM, it’s fully set up for productivity in DeX mode or when adding multiple apps.

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Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus takes the winning formula from the Galaxy Tab S7+ and makes subtle improvements to maintain its position as the best Android tablet that money can buy.

It has the same 12.4-inch AMOLED 120Hz display, lightweight design (for its size), quad Dolby Atmos speakers, and reliable battery life. To enhance it, it adds the same flagship processor as the Galaxy S22 series, a wider selfie camera, Wi-Fi 6e support, and an additional 2GB of RAM.

Galaxy Tab S8

The main advantage of the Galaxy Tab S8 series over its phones compared to Samsung’s usual strategy is that it does not reserve premium features for the more expensive models.

The base Tab S8 features the same 120Hz refresh rate, quad speakers, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 8GB RAM, a 12MP wide-angle selfie camera for video calling, and slim bezels like it’s more expensive siblings. All costs plus $200- $400 less than the Ultra.

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Galaxy Tab S7 FE

The Samsung FE devices like the flagship-killing Galaxy S20 FE have the best of flagship phones at a discounted price. But it does not conform to the “Fan Edition” label of the Galaxy Tab S7 series.

Instead, Samsung took the elements of the S7 and S7+ and incorporated them into one giant tablet, which was more affordable than both, but made some significant compromises to justify the price reduction.

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Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is older and smaller than the S7 FE, but the Tab S6 Lite has some strong features that are recognizable to students – and very affordable.

Regarding its performance, the S6 Lite features a 10.4-inch LCD panel with 2000×1200 resolution. No matter what app or game you are running, it looks awesome here and thanks to the included S Pen, you have the perfect canvas for taking notes or drawing in class in your spare time.

For comparison, the cheaper Galaxy Tab A tablets usually do not come with the S Pen and are often reduced to HD resolution.

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Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Like Samsung smartphones, Galaxy S tablets usually crush their Galaxy A Tab counterparts. But if you are in the market for a cheap Android tablet that does not offer any compromises.

It’s very affordable, has no amazing app library fire tablets, as well as Samsung tools and tricks that you know and love. And at 8 inches, weighing just 13oz/367g, it’s much easier to lie on the bed than the other options on this list.

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The lineup of Samsung Android tablets is impressive because no one else supports the same form factor. Looking at its list of available options, we should give our top recommendation to the Galaxy Tab S8+.
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