Apple’s foldable iPhone could use Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 display technology

Now a days foldable smartphones are in so much trend that every company planning to introduce the one or the other foldable. Now the same case facing the Apple manufacturer, Apple will soon introduce a foldable iPhone which could use the Galaxy Z Fold 3 like display.

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As per the news, Apple has started developing an OLED panel without a brightness reduction and panel thickening polarizer. This is what was first researched and used by Samsung in its last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 main display.

In the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Display printed a color filter on the thin film capsulation and added a black pixel define layer rather than polarizer film. It allowed the screen to deliver clearer colors through the color filter.


Polarizers are used to allow illumination only in specific directions. This improves the visibility of the display but affects the brightness efficiency of the panel. Thus, removing the polarizer and applying technology with similar effects will resolve these trade-offs (via The Elec).

Notably, this is not the first time Apple will be using a Samsung display, the company has been using Samsung panels for its iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and older models as well.

However, if these flexible OLED screen panels are identical to those coming from Samsung and pass Apple’s testing process, we’ll see similar premium and resonant quality screens on foldable iPhones in the future, perhaps next year.