Samsung Eye Comfort Shield gets new update with version 4.0.0

Samsung offers better than best features to feel users proud of using the Samsung products. One of the features is Eye Comfort Shield, this feature will keep your eyes comfortable by limiting blue and using warm colors on your compatible Galaxy phones.

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As in today’s scenarios using a smartphone is one of the foremost things that happens in a person’s life, which is affecting the eyesight of the users. So to protect your eyes from the dangerous light Samsung offers a feature called Eye Comfort Shield.

To enhance the stability and performance of the application company provides regular updates for the Eye Comfort Shield, now currently a new update has been released.

Samsung Eye Comfort Shield is receiving a version 4.0.0 update with an installation package size of 1.98 MB. The latest update comes with some common fixes to enhance stability and performance.

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However, there’s no new feature or change noted in the update. For smoother performance, users can install the latest update through Galaxy Store. As the update package size is too small so you can use your personal data to install it.

How to enable Eye Comfort Shield?

  • Open your device Quick Setting by swiping down on your home screen.
  • There is an option of Eye Comfort Shield.
  • To enable the feature, tap on the icon.
  • You can tap and hold the icon to open the Eye Comfort Shield setting, you can adjust the color temperature as per your desire.