samsung galaxy s22

Samsung emerges at No.1 position in Indian smartphone market

Recently, Samsung Electronics has emerged as the world leader in smartphone sales and shipment for the first time in six months. It’s not at all surprising, as India is the world’s second-largest smartphone market.

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This happens due to a huge hike in the sales of the new flagship, Samsung Galaxy S22, and series. Samsung smartphones 2022 have appeared like a storm, which has even beaten Apple’s iPhone 13.

Launched back in February 2022 the Galaxy S22 Ultra becomes the top segment smartphone that was featured with S Pen was priced at 100,000 rupees or 1290 US dollars and has stood with 74% market share in March 2022.

Currently, Samsung has an overall 22% of the market share by volume and has a 27% revenue share in the India Market. With a population of 1.45 billion people Samsung has not only left Apple but the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi.

samsung galaxy s22

There was a drop in Samsung smartphone prices due to the GOS controversy and performance limitations of S22 and devices all over the world. Samsung was blamed for limiting the performance of the S22. But the Indian market remains untouched by it.

We have seen the quarterly sales figure of S22 and flagships, it was truly up staking for Q1. We were surprised to see that Samsung is touching new heights and breaking records despite its operating profits having fallen down by 13%, and all the difficulties in its ways globally. The Indian market is truly unpredictable.

Samsung has a wide range of devices in India whether we talk about the A-Series, M-Series, S-series flagship foldable, and more. The company is soon going to launch its new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4. Until then get ready to hear more surprises from the Indian Market in the coming days.