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Samsung Electronics announces changes in the leadership

Recently, Samsung replaced the head of the semiconductor R&D center, which is leading the development of the next-gen semiconductor chip. Currently, it has also changed some of the key executives of the foundry business.

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In a recent development, Samsung Electronics has appointed Song Jae-Hyuk, vice president and head of the Flash Development Department, as the new head of the Semiconductor R&D Center. According to many popular blogs, Samsung Electronics is doing all these recent changes to compete with the big chip-making giants. Such as TSMC and Intel which already have a bigger presence in the foundry market.

Lee Jae-Yong the vice-chairman of Samsung Electronics was spotted delivering a welcome speech for U.S President Joe Biden, during his visit to the company in the Pyeongtaek semiconductor plant. Looking at the professional productivity of Song Jae-hyuk, he has given a vertical shift to the NAND flashes. Because currently, Samsung‘s foundry business is facing a major test.

However the company is planning to mass-produce the world’s first GAA (Gate-All-Around)-based-3nm chips as early as the month of June 2022 finishes. If the company attains an appropriate production yield, it could be a turning point for itself and the semiconductor foundry market worldwide. Currently, Lee Jae-Yong is going on a business trip to the Netherlands next week. Let us see what more comes in the upcoming days.