Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix diversifying the coolant supply chain

Currently, Samsung and SK Hynix is diversifying their supply chains for coolants used in semiconductor production following the shutdown of related factories in Belgium. 3M accounts for an overall 90% of the coolant that is used in the process of etching the wafer fabrication.

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They are put in the chillers to control the temperature during the process which is always prone to overheating and this shutdown of the factories happened due to the government shutdown. Due to not meeting the latest manufacturing standard and following the Polyflouroalkyl Substance (PFAS) requirements.

Samsung and SK Hynix both of them are looking for alternative suppliers in China. This is going to impact these companies as the verification of the coolant will take a time of overall one year. Let me tell you coolant is not new material but it cannot be used immediately. First, it is to be tested for compatibility.


The selection of the suitable coolant is done on the basis of material characteristics, its density, and the ability to control the temperature that may differ in several manufacturing conditions.

The news has also come that 3M has made changes in the coolant-making process, and has adjusted the chemical compositions of the coolant to start the manufacturing again. Saying that it has again got the approval after re-verification.