Samsung, SK Hynix join hands to train 1,160 future employees to avoid manpower shortages

Samsung and SK Hynix join hands to train 1,160 future employees over the next five years with integrated academy curricula. The company takes this step due to a shortage of employees in the industry by 2031 is assessed at less than 30,000 people.

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According to new information, Samsung launched its curriculum at Yonsei and Sungkyunkwan Universities last year and KIAST and POSTECH this year. Similarly, SK Hynix also did just that at Korea University last year and Sogang and Hanyang this year, about 360 people graduate from seven a year.

Further, the report suggests that for the two companies, the main solution is not a curriculum but long-term national strategies including the expansion of semiconductor-related departments at colleges in Seoul and Gyeonggi, where the number of new students cannot be increased because colleges are considered to be overpopulated.

The South Korean giant, Samsung and SK Hynix plan to ask the next government to make it a reality in the near future. Earlier, the current management of Moon Jae-in handled the matter and decided not to allow the increase, saying it was inconsistent with limited regional development.

However, Samsung is not the only one, the US semiconductor firm TSMC is also suffering from a manpower shortage. Currently, the company is recruiting engineers and technicians to work in the 21st plant, which is to be built in Arizona, US, through its recruitment website.