Samsung Neo

Samsung dropped the price of Neo QLED 8K TV by 10%

Samsung is here with a premium TV price competition. Samsung has reduced the shipping price of the new product for the current year 2022 compared to the year before 2021. Despite a sharp rise in raw material prices.

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The news company ‘etnews‘ has announced that the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV broadcast price has dropped by 10%. The information is based on the Neo QLED 85-inch 8K specification, which is the most expensive model. The award decreased from 19.3 million last year to 18.4 million this year.

The shipment price of the lower QLED 8K 85-inch model also falls from 7.49 million won to 6.69 million won during the same duration. Looking at this LG Electronics has also reduced the 10% of shipment pricing for OLED EVO.

Samsung Neo

Samsung and LG Electronics are entering into a war. The gap between the premium TV market is narrowing for Samsungs Neo QLED and LG’s OLED EVO.

We know that Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs are far better than LG’s OLED EVO, because it’s provided with a new Neo Quantum processor, Ultra-fine light control technology, and nice contrast enhancement when compared with EVO TVs.

If we look at the whole scenario, you can see very clearly that despite the raw material price rise, these global companies are adopting the strategy to establish themselves in the mainstream TV market.

Talking about 2021 there was a price rise of 30% to 40%. On the other side, the TV price cannot be raised because international events like the world cup are scheduled in the second half of this year. So this could be one of the possible reasons that the companies are reducing the shipment price.