samsung galasy slidable

Samsung could introduce transparent slideable display smartphone, suggests new patent

It looks like Samsung is inventing a smartphone with a transparent slider screen. The company has submitted a new patent which is published on the website of the International Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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This patent also shares the design and some features of the device with us. As you can see, the screen slides up and is transparent. The interesting thing here is that the selfie camera is not visible.

Samsung actually had many such sliding devices in the past, though they were no cell phones, not smartphones. They have no see-through displays or anything like that.

samsung galasy slidable

Another thing you will notice on this device is that there are five circles on the rear side, which looks like a camera arrangement. At least three or four of them are reserved for original cameras.

All right, the display is basically used as a periscope for rear cameras. So those rear cameras are used to take selfies, which is quite impressive.

Well, the description of the patent states as follows: “Transparent area of ​​the display and opaque area”. So, this display seems to be transparent among other things. Now, in addition to the vertical slideable smartphone, the horizontal slideable smartphone also appeared in WIPO.

What about Samsung’s next Z foldable series?

This year Samsung is gearing up for its fourth-generation foldable smartphone. And we have also heard that the company also developing its third foldable device apart from the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

However, this is still suspenseful for every foldable fan, but the Galaxy foldable phones are part of the launch schedule now. Yes, obviously there are going to be a lot of leaks in the future but let’s wait and see what can be the reality!