Samsung C&T partnered with NuScale for market expansion and development

Samsung C&T the construction unit of Samsung Group has partnered with NuScale, the leading small modular reactor (SMR) technology provider, to expand its SMR business into the global market.

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This partnership will lead them to share the technology and engineering capabilities altogether. NuScale will be using Samsung C&T engineers for their construction purposes, and Samsung C&T will be using the Modular Reactor technology of NuScale, to enhance portable power supply capabilities.

However, it could also be said that Samsung will be taking advantage of the NuScale to increase its power system productivity and aims at starting commercial operations by using small modular reactor technology.

Samsung C&T is a Construction and Trading Corporation that is among the topmost Korean construction and engineering companies, which was founded in 1938 and is a parent company of the Samsung group, also engaged in overseas trading operations.

Now talking about the NuScale so it is a Company that is known for manufacturing small modular reactors to produce clean energy and it goes beyond delivering always-on baseload power. It offers scalable advanced nuclear technology for the production of electricity, heat, and clean water. Which currently seems to be the biggest human need across the globe.

The smarter and simplified design that the company offers, eliminates the need for extra staffing and has a great impact on production costs as well. The modular reactor provided by the company fits every budget and location.