Samsung chief takes Tesla Cybertruck for a spin and gets wowed

Kye Hyun’s behavior compared to In Ji is quite interesting. While many were surprised by Ki-Hyun’s post on social media, she is the head of Samsung’s manufacturing division. When business trips took him across America, he got the chance to put the already famous Tesla Cybertruck to the test. And something incredible happened, we surprised her when we did my best!!!

Things are looking exciting from the video shared on Instagram with Kyung being energetic after her trip and calling the experience amazing. He spread the word that it was not bad at all, what’s more, it was surprisingly comfortable as he drove with his amazing speed. It was evident that this daring truck is not only a feast for the eyes, but it also has some impressive features.

Kyung pointed out that this vehicle had a lot of advantages: such as a ten-camera surveillance system, ease of parking and maneuvering due to the tight turning radius, and good leaders every time you wiper due to the large guide wiper areas. As a result of this test ride, the Cybertruck got the place locked down and was rated as a completely new vehicle.

Kyung did not give up until the second day of what had now turned into a disaster. With that, he began to delve into the specifics of an emerging component generation – chips. It turned out that Samsung has HBM3 and HBM3E customers with increasing requirements, as a result of which the company is trying its best to establish a special team to enhance production and quality. This shift is a part of Samsung’s strategy, which has allowed the company to become a leader in the field of HBM and help it attract top consumers.

Moving on, Kyung introduced the audience to exciting stories of the HBM4 chip, which has 2 times larger memory bandwidth than the previous one. However, the suggestion that the brain is characterized by this inescapable gap between storage and processing leads to a fundamental intellectual impasse. Here, however, the important part is the production of HBM4 in collaboration with other companies to create a complete specification for custom projects for customers while solving the limitation problem.

Last but not least, Kyung gave his lecture on Samsung’s 2nm GAA chip manufacturing process. He underlined that it is superior in efficiency and performance, which has proven to be of great convenience to companies who want to operate with this cutting-edge technology.

Soon after his social media post, King highlighted two exciting worlds that are to come – the future of EVs and the next version of chip technology respectively. Samsung holds two of the most sought-after technology positions today; Mobile devices and home appliances.

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