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Galaxy S23 users report heating issues after One UI 6.1 update

While Samsung is reported to have released the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S23 series, this appears to be an unclear situation. Speaking of rentals, users were happy with the new features, on the other hand, some users have reported unexpected heating issues.

Fast charging access was an issue in previous reports, although this has not been more widely confirmed. Conversely, the issue of Galaxy S23 devices getting hotter than usual is now also a concern for S23 owners.

For one R user, (“tbaddisbad”), his phone became “quite hot” at the touch of a phone with a phone that was merely idle. Even with distorted Wi-Fi connections (which can use more power than mobile data), disabled location services, and unchanged ambient temperatures, fluctuations were recorded. When others reiterated it from their own experiences, it became more real.

However, one thing should be clear: not everyone suffers from this issue. The current owner Galaxy S23 does not feel the heat during regular operation, even though this device has not suffered overheating issues, and this model has not been thoroughly tested yet.

The investigation requires locating the source and level of the heating substance. Pay attention to upcoming articles as we will outline potential fixes and through them we are seeking feedback from Samsung.

S23+ heating issue after One UI 6.1 Update
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