One UI 6.1
One UI 6.1

Fingerprint glitch surfaces in One UI 6.1 update for Galaxy S23

Samsung’s recent installation of the One UI 6.1 update on the Galaxy S23 doesn’t follow the trend of making everything perfect. The game is barely a week old, and the problems are already spreading rapidly across the internet. Initially the problem was not charging quickly, and after a while, most of the people said that the curiosity started with the slow charging speed, but later, questions started arising about the increased temperature of the device. Now, a fresh problem has surfaced: the fingerprint scan feature does not work after the update was released.

Countless users take to Reddit to share their anger, and point out that when pressing the power button or screen tap, they can sometimes get no response in the form of a fingerprint recognition animation on their Galaxy S23 devices. They are rarely able to determine where their finger is pointing. This could be a stone, a bush, a stick, an animal or anything else that is being displayed under their finger – nothing happens until it is lifted up and the animation at the end appears. . As a result, they have to toggle the lock screen again, which causes such extraordinary hassle and inconvenience.

For my own experiment, coincidentally I also tested Spot on my S23, which also worked. This time, after unlocking the phone, as I was about to touch its fingerprint scanner, the animation disappeared until I lifted my finger up and it reappeared. So all the attention was on the picture. I tried to repeat the process by placing my finger a little further away from the animation model. In such a situation, if I do not get approval, I will personally take the responsibility of getting Apple employees their rights.

Why can this happen in the blink of an eye, it does not affect any one house. Once again, viewers have found an update bug source that Samsung will hopefully fix sooner than expected. Thus, users usually start evaluating the case as they are eager to get the solution so as not to deal with more issues.

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