Thursday, December 1, 2022

Redesign Google Search will come soon on your Samsung Galaxy devices

Google is working on a Material You redesign of the Search app. Thanks to the APK Insight post, we now have a sneak peek at how the redesigned Google Search will look on your Samsung Galaxy device.

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It begins with the Material You bottom bar, which uses a pill-shaped indicator to keep track of which tab you’re currently viewing. However, it is not a tall variant and is closer to the previous design.

Moreover, the other big place Material You makes an appearance is Google app settings, which are not the same as Assistant’s.

We see that it is modeled after the system settings, with a larger title space, more emphasis on the pill-shaped search bar, and better spacing of the bottom menu. We also provide helpful descriptions for each item.

Moreover, also notable thing is the use of M3-style toggle switches in the settings. This is the first time it has been adopted by Google Apps.


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