Live Smarter and better with Samsung Smart Things home life

Samsung Smart Things is a service provided by Samsung to the user which makes their everyday life easier and more comfortable. They provide us with connected home systems, help us indulge in a delicious dinner for loved ones, SmartThings help us cook, do home care, save energy, and more.

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Here are some best offerings by Smart Thing to make your life more easy and enjoyable

Smart Home Care with Samsung

Samsung Smart home care provides us with a feeling of security. The Jet Bot AI detects the loud noise and sends an alert to all the family members. You can even leave a dependent family member at your home by having full faith in Samsung home care services.

Samsung Home Care facilitates us to take care of our home appliances by responding to the issue on time and prevent from any mishaps in advance. The application can send freeze risk alerts before the weather becomes extremely cold. It also offers a defrosting guide for air conditioners.

Smart Air Care with Samsung

SmartThings Air Care provides us easy breathing by monitoring and controlling our home air quality at the perfect level, and this happens with ease and automatically. The app gives suggestions to the user for making indoor life a healthy one.

After coming back home from a dusty day it relaxes you a lot. Nothing can be left behind, whether it’s preparing a feast in the kitchen, the homeowner can open a window or close a window with a single click.

Home connected with Samsung

Smartthings have made the home life really smarter by delivering seamless and happy-go-lucky performance across all our home appliances whether it’s TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, or air conditioners.

Let us talk about Bixby, user can easily control its home appliances, and have made the task easier than before. Making every day an automated one it’s improving our convenience level regularly.

We can even set the daily task routine into this SmartThing App, which eliminates the hassles of repeating the same work daily. No. of works can be performed together, such as setting the daily laundry load, turning on the air purifier, even opening and closing windows at the perfect time. Isn’t it amazing?

Save Energy with Samsung

Particularly If I talk about myself, I am very passionate about the environment. I personally carry cotton bags while taking anything to my home instead of those plastic bags.

I along with Samsung surely going to reduce my carbon footprints one day. Samsung is been progressing a lot in this sector and has been awarded recently the Carbon Reduction Certificate for its efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas.

The control of energy is in your hands, you can reduce the energy consumption and its wastage too. The AI saving modes can help you save all the energy, which can be smartly done to save the world from facing energy scarcity.