Could Google Pixel foldable beat Samsung foldable devices?

Currently, the most popular topic emerging on the web is the upcoming foldables that is been coming a long way from now. Most Importantly we could have two new foldable devices at the end of this year out of them one will be from Samsung and the either will be unveiled by Google.

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As per the information, the Google foldable could come with a small but wider display than the Samsungs 6.9-inch panel that Samsung could use on its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4. Other says that Google foldable could have a wider display angle, which could be very convenient for the Smartphone user and facilitate them during longer screen time.

So far there does not seems to be any competition between Google and Samsung. We are aware of this because Google is the new player and Samsung is the old one. Samsung has already launched its foldable device in the previous and present year 2022.

Pixel Fold Concept Shows Us A Realistic Design For Google's First Foldable

Aside from this, Google is new in this field, it does not have any experience in making foldable devices till now. Previously we have seen the rumors that Google can soon launch a foldable smartphone. But according to the latest business Korea reports, published in February 2022 have disclosed that due to unsuccessful attempts, and difficulties in making a foldable display, it has dropped the idea of making a foldable smartphone.

Samsung is an inspiration for Google foldable?

Google’s idea of entering the foldable phone market might have come after the successful launch of Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 3 which were launched in August last year. Samsung Electronics is working since 2019 in this field and has launched its first prototype in 2011. Samsung is progressively working on enhancing the water and dust proofing capabilities along with the tri-fold display technology.

Are Chinese smartphone makers imitating Samsung foldable phones?

Chinese manufacturers are increasingly imitating Samsung Electronics in the foldable phone market. The Oppo phone came with a few middle wrinkles while the Huawei device is set to have improved heat handling capability than Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 seems to be a complete rumor.

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturers are stressed that Samsung has developed a whole new hinge for its product and has also succeeded in reducing the wrinkles on the screen at present times.

According to the news from some company insiders, Samsung has already registered the patent for its trifold technology in February 2022 and could be in the process to launch new foldable smartphones any time during the present year.