Samsung announces a major update for TV Plus

Here’s how to optimize your Samsung Smart TV with ‘Device Care’

If you are having problems with your Samsung Smart TV, we recommend that you do a factory reset and restart. It could be one of the solutions to the problem, but not always. Your TV also has some built-in self-diagnostics that can help you troubleshoot video, pictures, sound, and many other issues.

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If you are using a Samsung smart TV, then it is smart enough to fix the device problem itself. When you open the Device Care menu, Device Care checks your TV and provides a list of your TV’s current issues and situations.

Below you can check the step to troubleshoot your smart TV issue, you can also check and clear your storage space by yourself, just follow the guide mentioned below:

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • On the Settings menu, navigate Support
  • Then select Device Care.
  • Choose the Start Device Care on the middle of the screen
  • Now the scan will be started

Samsung NEO TV

The following given step will troubleshoot all your issue with the TV, may this tip is helpful for you and You can also clean your storage space and diagnose the problem at a glance, clear it after the diagnosis completes.