Google’s first foldable phone reportedly delayed until 2023

Samsung has gained a lot of success in the foldable smartphone segments and the latest Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are one of them. Earlier, it was reported that Google is also preparing to join the foldable smartphone market, while recent news suggests that its launch is now postponed until Spring 2023.

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As per the new information, Google has reportedly delayed the launch of its first foldable smartphone called Pixel Notepad until 2023. While the industry was expecting its arrival during the I/O 2022, Google shifted this timeline until the next Spring.

Additionally, Samsung is swiftly working on the fourth generation of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lines, while the phones reportedly launching this August. As Google’s delaying its foldable launch, it’s a good sign for Samsung that it won’t face competition, at least this year.

However, this is not wholly good news for Samsung as its Display is likely not receiving foldable panel orders for the Pixel Notepad this year. So, if there’s no Pixel foldable phone coming, Samsung Display’s shipments will remain to Samsung Electronics only.