Here’s How to check Samsung Care+ subscription end date on your Galaxy phone

Samsung Care Plue service protects your device from accidental crashes, cracks, water droplets, and more. By subscribing to Samsung Care Plus, Samsung’s service that breathes life back into your smartphone, you can use it with confidence.

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But if you forget to expire date of your Samsung care+, yes it’s obvious to calculate 2 years from the date of purchase but there are some easy steps to figure it out without taking stress to remember the date of purchase you can find out the expiration date of your Samsung care+.

If you forgot your subscription date, you don’t have to remember it as we provide you with a few easy steps to find out how much time is left on your subscription. You can check the next steps below.

Via Samsung Member App:

  • Open Samsung Member App
  • Find ‘Benefits’
  • Then click on ‘Subscription’
  • The list will be clearly visible to you or,

Via Galaxy Store

  • Open Galaxy Store
  • At the top right corner click on the three dots
  • The subscription
  • Now you can check your subscription details

Or you can also follow: 

Samsung Members App when it first opens look at the bottom right of the screen and pick Support and scroll down almost to the bottom of the list and you should find Samsung Care+ showing your time left.