Samsung self repair services

Samsung Care+ announced free repairs, 3 years warranty, and more for corporate devices

 Samsung Canada revealed the launch of new premium corporate protection plans such as Samsung Care + for Business, on April 25. This premium plan offers free repairs, an extended warranty of up to 3 years, and a warranty against physical damage and liquid penetration. In this general care service that their equipment is safe.

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Samsung Care + for Business is a device lifecycle management tool that, along with Samsung Knox, provides complete device maintenance, security, and protection solution to enhance business continuity.

The combination of Samsung Care + for Business and Knox Manage eliminates the need for IT managers to keep their device inventories and keep their data safe when repairs are needed. With Samsung Care + for Business Advanced Exchange, you can deliver your device “on time” directly to your business request without any additional steps.

Samsung self repair services

With dedicated help desk support, Samsung has a complete solution for IT managers to manage all aspects of the device’s life cycle, from collection, expansion, repair, and replacement to mobile phones, tablets, computers, and portable items.

Samsung Care + for Business is easy to use and gives you the flexibility to customize your business. Inventory service packages offer the right amount of coverage to suit your business needs.

Samsung Care+ for Business:

  • Worry-Free Protection Plan
  • Samsung Certified Service
  • Hassle-Free Process for Claims and Tech Support
  • Centralized Suite of Solutions for Device Management and Protection


Samsung Care + for Business is available today for all types of companies in Canada. For more information on this premium protection plan, please visit