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Galaxy S23 touchscreen woes blamed on Google Discover (But There’s a Fix!)

Have you ever been a Samsung Galaxy S23 user who couldn’t resist the update to One UI 6.1, but encountered a touchscreen bug that you couldn’t ignore? you’re not alone. A lot of freezes, jams, and out-of-touch totals have been reported by users. Although the culprit may seem to come out of nowhere, there is a straightforward solution to this particular problem that will restore your phone to its previous good working state.

Google Curator is the hero for not even bringing news blurbs and articles to the users, the ally for Samsung is the problem from that perspective. It turns out that the interference capabilities of the Discover and S23 software are to blame for the touchscreen problems. Don’t fear, there is a solution that will work until Google eventually releases a permanent solution.

Here’s the good news: sometimes a Google app update combined with the process of rebooting your phone and some data clearing can fix slow screen response. Addressing apps on the Play Store, find the Google app and tap “Update” to update it. Clearing data involves going to Settings > Apps > Google > Storage > Clear data. Finally, always restart your phone after installation. Changes will not be automatic.

It’s not a complete magic cure, but it has helped many users manage their devices as if they had a real touchscreen again. It should be known that this is an independent issue with the touchscreen and is not related to others experiencing fingerprint scanner issues and temperature rise.

At the same time, we realize the need for a permanent solution. However, we hope that the temporary repairs have proved useful so far. To take advantage of this update, it is important to know that Google is conducting a thorough investigation into the touchscreen feature issues.

S23 Ultra Unresponsive Touchscreen Since ONEUI 6.1 Update
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