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Samsung Galaxy S23 and Z Fold 5 get a stellar upgrade

Hey, astrophotography fans! Samsung just released an update for the Expert RAW camera app. This makes the Galaxy S23 and Z Fold 5 able to compete with fancy DSLR cameras. They do this by using digital ND filters. These filters help you control the light that hits the camera sensor, making it easier to take great photos of the night sky.

If you can imagine the exact celestial object of your choice coming to life with stellar clarity you’ve never seen before, or if you can now see swirling nebulae filled with color and rich detail you’ve never seen before. Only dreamed. The Digital ND Filter is a virtual pad that helps you by reducing or increasing light sensitivity at long exposure times. As a result, you will not suffer from colors that appear close to the original colors immediately after sunset and also your details taken with professional photography gear will be very accurate.

Apart from astronomy, it also has important implications. Revision’s dedicated expert also develops existing features inside the RAW app, to improve the user experience even further. Additionally, the Samsung development team has dealt with pre-recorded bugs to ensure that the app is stable and reliable.

If you have any of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, or Z Fold 4 devices, this update is a must to enjoy a glitch-free ride. Come to the Galaxy Store and install the updated version of the feature-complete photo app – Expert RAW ( that will blur the boundaries of your imagery experience. The small size of the package with the assurance of a short processing time (212.11 MB) will have you doing wonders in minutes!

Blight Mojave
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