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Galaxy S23 owners face touchscreen woes after One UI 6.1 update

With the new software version, One UI 6.1, seemingly disappointing for some Galaxy S23 owners, the latest update sheds some light on the recently debated issue. Although many were happy with the overall update, some sold the S23, S23+, or Ultra and complained that their screens no longer worked.

They include, among other things: an unresponsive interface; Slow touch recognition leads to more taps, and, as a result, actions are performed without intent, and so on. Although the S Pen is still working, it can be said that there may be software-related problems in the phone. These Ultra users, including but not limited to those wanting an S Pen, can still navigate their phones with the stylus, exposing the potential software flaw.

Interestingly, some users, but not all, had installed non-original screens on their S23s. The cause of the green line on the OLED screen is not known. Therefore, Samsung may include its solution in new phones, which are also equipped with real screens.

This among others is probably the first hurdle that the S23 series had to go through after One UI 6.1. My previous review was about the phone’s high temperature-induced heating and slow fingerprint scanner. So, if the problem spreads more widely, Samsung will likely find a solution in its next release. We will stay updated and provide possible answers to the problems.

S23 Ultra Unresponsive Touchscreen Since ONEUI 6.1 Update
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