Leaked images hint at Samsung’s budget benders

Samsung may soon be the leader in premium foldable phones, but online chatter suggests the big manufacturer might want to adapt its strategy. This appears to be a recent leak of screenshots, based on the fact that there is reportedly an imminent release of “FE” (Fan Edition) versions of the most popular Galaxy Z foldable phones in the Z Fold and Z Flip family.

Only affordable prices can make these units successful, which can bring foldable devices to the masses. The reportedly refreshed Z Flip FE with a Snapdragon processor (presumably mid-range) with 8GB of DRAM and 256GB of internal memory seems far from a good starting point.

While the Z Fold FE appears to be the next step in the evolution of folding devices, there remains a veil of ambiguity surrounding it. The unknown chip inside is labeled as Exynos, probably not Exynos 2300 yet or it could mean there is no Exynos 2300. So, the question on the table is: is the information coming from the source reliable? Additionally, according to rumors, only an FE foldable handset can be seen.

If this is what they represent, then it seems that fantasies are not out of the question of being taken seriously, since they are not entirely imaginary. Folder tests were introduced earlier, with rumors that Samsung was planning to use FE technology.

Similarly, Samsung’s important upcoming event in July could shape the picture for the next few months. The media are likely to report genuine leaks that will provide details closer to the truth; This will give us a better understanding of Samsung’s foldable product line. Finally, keep an eye out because next time, the tech portable fold may be less expensive.

Blight Mojave
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