Samsung Galaxy Watch FE
Samsung Galaxy Watch FE

Elevate your Galaxy Watch experience

Key Points:

  • Simplified Control: Manage favorite smart home devices directly from your Galaxy Watch with Google Home’s new complications and tiles.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Deeper control options for fans, TVs, robot vacuums, and more.
  • Intuitive Interface: Access frequently used devices through a dedicated Favorites Tile.

Ever wished you could adjust your smart home settings without reaching for your phone? Galaxy Watch users rejoice! Google recently unveiled a suite of upgrades for the Google Home app on Wear OS, empowering you to effortlessly control your smart haven from your wrist.

Streamlined Access with Complications and Tiles:

Gone are the days of simply launching the Google Home app on your watch. The latest update introduces complications – interactive elements that seamlessly integrate with your watch face. Now, while customizing your watch face, you can select a Google Home complication, granting instant access to a chosen smart home device. With a simple tap, the complication displays the device’s name and opens its dedicated control page within the Google Home app.

For even quicker access to your most frequently used devices, Google Home introduces the Favorites Tile. This dedicated tile conveniently displays the top five devices you’ve designated as favorites within the Google Home app. Adding the Favorites Tile is a breeze – simply swipe right on your watch face, tap the plus button, and select the Google Home app’s Favorites Tile. Now, with a single tap on a device within the tile, you’ll be whisked away to its control page, ready to make adjustments.

Expanded Control for a Seamless Smart Home Experience:

Beyond simplified access, the update boasts a significant upgrade in functionality. You now have finer control over a wider range of devices. Need to adjust the fan speed for optimal comfort? No problem! Craving a specific TV channel? Simply choose the desired input. The update even empowers you to manage robot vacuum cleaner docks and adjust device volume for a truly personalized smart home experience.

Furthermore, the update adds the ability to change modes and toggle settings for AC units, dishwashers, and washing machines. This enhanced functionality promises to streamline your daily routines and elevate your smart home experience to new heights. With the potential for even more features on the horizon, the future of smart home control from your Galaxy Watch looks nothing short of remarkable.

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