Samsung Galaxy Ring
Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung’s next-gen Smart Ring: possible display and design shift revealed and S24 FE dummy model leaked

Key points:

  • Samsung patent hints at a redesigned Galaxy Ring 2 with a squarish outer layer and potentially dual displays.
  • The Galaxy Ring 2 may boast advanced health sensors and various connectivity options.
  • Dummy unit leak offers a glimpse into the design of the upcoming Galaxy S24 FE.

While the first Galaxy Ring awaits its official release, Samsung appears to be one step ahead, with a recent patent filing potentially revealing details about its successor, the Galaxy Ring 2.

The patent, filed in May 2024 at the United States Patent Application Publication, sheds light on a potential design revamp for the next generation of the smart ring. Unlike its predecessor’s circular form, the Galaxy Ring 2 might sport a squarish outer layer with a circular inner section. This design shift could be accompanied by a significant addition: a display.

The patent suggests the possibility of not just one, but two displays on the Galaxy Ring 2. One display could serve for selecting icons, while the other might showcase detailed information. This integration of a display has the potential to significantly enhance the ring’s functionality and user experience.

Beyond the design, the patent hints at the Galaxy Ring 2 potentially incorporating an array of health sensors, including an acceleration sensor, GSR (galvanic skin response), SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation), PPG (photoplethysmography), ECG (electrocardiogram), fingerprint sensor, and a temperature sensor. Additionally, the ring might boast a range of connectivity options.

The patent also indicates a wide variety of sizes for the Galaxy Ring 2, potentially catering to a diverse user base. With 65 sizes expected in the US and 27 in South Korea, users are likely to find a comfortable fit.

This leak regarding the Galaxy Ring 2 comes alongside news of the development of the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE, the Fan Edition of Samsung’s flagship smartphone. Leaks suggest a potential release later this year and offer a glimpse of the phone’s design through leaked images of an aluminum dummy unit.

The Galaxy S24 FE is also expected to come in a range of colors, including black, gray, light blue, light green, and yellow. While official information on additional features, pricing, and specific release dates remains scarce, leaks hint at potential improvements in camera, display, and battery life compared to the previous model.

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