A case conundrum for the Galaxy S24 Ultra

The sleek design of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is attracting attention, but some users are reporting a disturbing trend: regardless of the case (protective or not), the phone frame lines are very often visible or scratched. In the end, it becomes an official matter as well as a matter of third parties being affected.

They come in the form of particles so fine that their path is not blocked by the phone case. These little culprits have been found to go up against the S24 Ultra’s frame, which some consumers indicate is more prone to scratches than other smartphones. This friction effect causes the frame material titanium to appear to work extra hard.

Samsung has not revealed the official statement to date, so users are left to make their speculations. Someone else might suggest that the frame is not very responsive. Similarly, it appears that caution should now be the watchword. Your Next-to-Phone case can be checked at regular intervals to ensure there is no debris stuck between your case and the phone; If your phone’s surface becomes cloudy, it could be the result of dead debris from a damaged case.

Here’s hoping Samsung company will share about the potential aesthetic issues, and perhaps reach a solution to save the phone’s design. Although there is no way to completely prevent scratches on a car, a watchful eye, and a proactive approach are the best ways to protect against this inconvenient damage.

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