Attention Galaxy S20, Note 20, Z Fold 2, and Z Flip 5G owners: update schedule change

Samsung S20 April 2023 patch US

The owner of the Galaxy S20, Note 20, Z Fold 2, or Z Flip 5G, please note, if this letter is relevant to you. Read this carefully because it could affect your phone security. The change from the monthly recall of security patches for these Samsung devices is on a quarterly update schedule now. Via this, they will force their clients to wait for security updates that are issued four times a year which is not equal to the number of times the security patches are received (only 12 months). Hence, their clients will have to wait up to four months longer for the security updates to be released.

This could be seen as negative if we only think about the negative aspects but in this case, the promised two-year extension of the four-year update cycle makes this omission less serious. Quarterly reports are also being followed to help address new risks of malware programs.

But, in the case of the Note 20 variation, there is a slight complication. Technically they should have new six patches every month until releases 13. This is completely confusing, but it can be interpreted as a reduction in the actual update period by the manufacturer.

Good News? The new One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 can also be downloaded on these devices which gives you complete information about the latest features and functions.

The main thing here is this: As long as you make stable and reliable security patching the priority, checking out a new Samsung phone that receives updates on a regular schedule is a safe bet. For existing phone users who are satisfied with their phones and are aware of the disadvantages of the change in the update schedule, the process of switching to the new model will continue after the ID change.

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