Samsung update slows charging on Galaxy Phones?

One UI 6.1
One UI 6.1

Your horses, the Galaxy S23, Z Flip 5, and Z Fold 5 remain members! From the reports, inform us that the latest One UI 6.1 could be the one that limits the charging of your phone. Many users reported that when their devices were charging with the original 25W fast charger, they found the charging speed limited to around 15W.

This is quite surprising news as we were expecting big buzz and hype for One UI 6.1, but here we are learning to manage with the less useful One UI. A lot of consumers were looking forward to the new version and immediately canceled the update in hopes of enjoying better performance. Since there is a different charging interface for every type of handset, some users have become lazy as they only charge for short periods.

One Z Fold 5 user discovered a devastating but real 15W drop, while their phone was only charging quickly at the standard 25W. Although some people believe that the problem lies with this version of One UI, they have no idea what is the real reason for this failure.

However, there is another possibility. The guy from the tech site Sammobile may believe this issue is caused by the battery level. Over time, as batteries begin to reach 100% of their capacity the charging process also slows down. It may be that these users did not notice any difference in their mood because the practitioners tried to make the change as smooth as possible.

Samsung has not yet made any public comment on the price. The Health Ministry should soon give us information on this matter so that we can have a clear understanding of the situation. For better or worse, One UI 6.1 may have a slightly negative impact on fast charging for Galaxy users. In this situation, Galaxy users who rely heavily on fast charging may want to avoid installing One UI 6.1, or at least, be careful about how fast the charging speeds are before and after the update.

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