No super HDR upgrade for older Samsung phones: Here’s Why


The Samsung Galaxy S24 is equipped with “Super HDR” technology – the new camera that came out of the Samsung lab. It highlights and captures stunning, well-defined, and detailed scenes with bright and rich tones. Unless you’re lucky enough to be running a very old Galaxy model that’s only meant to be saved by a software upgrade, say goodbye to the intuitive interface and fancy features.

The recent OneUI 6.1 update that brought upcoming Galaxy S24 features to older devices is another area in which Super HDR is unsupported. This resolution surprised a lot of people, including those who think that some older phone models such as those made with OLED displays that support HDR can compete head-to-head with the latest flagship devices.

The reason? Super HDR, in addition to requiring a good camera, also demands that the images exist on specific processors and display platforms. According to Samsung’s moderator who ran this forum event, the most powerful flagship processors in the past, including the S23 series, cannot meet the needs of future users.

It’s the image processing drain that is the difficulty. Retrofitting an older phone to Super HDR can be highly problematic, considering Samsung Classic models to be a very difficult task.

Here’s the good news: These new phones will let you use better HDR, but Super HDR won’t be possible with older devices. Worth considering is the fact that Google’s Ultra HDR (the basis of Super HDR) is already present on many phones, including some midrange phones, so the evolution of the technology means that everyone can see the beauty in high quality. Will get the opportunity.

That being the case, you may not be on the cutting edge of the latest technology, but your current Samsung phone can still help you get great HDR photos and recordings. However, if you can tolerate the individual camera limitations but still want exceptional performance in low light and dynamic range, you can probably settle for the Galaxy S22.

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