YouTube launched new ‘Live Q&A’ feature

YouTube has launched a new “Live Q&A” feature designed to make it easier for creators to engage with viewers during live broadcasts. When the producer starts a Q&A, the message will appear in the chat as a pinned message. Viewers can then submit their questions, and creators can choose and pin one, so viewers know who the creator is answering.

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In the past, creators had to sift through the flood of questions submitted in live chat. The new feature will present queries in an organized fashion, which will be easier for creators to manage.

YouTube says the questions are in chronological order, with the question submitted first. While there is no maximum number of questions allowed, after 200 questions have been submitted, the oldest question on the list will not appear.

“Live Q&A lets you create and manage Q&A sessions in the live chat during your streams and Premieres right from Live Control Room (LCR),” YouTube said in a blog post. “With Live Q&A you can more easily build community while replying to a series of on-topic questions written by your viewers. This option will appear alongside Live Polls, another great way for you to interact with those watching your stream.”