Google Android Auto’s new UI has rolled out to public beta users

In May this year, Google showed a major overhaul of the Android Auto interface UI. The design overhaul was supposed to be released in the summer but has apparently been delayed. Now Android Auto’s new UI has started rolling out to public beta users.

Stay tuned via SFCNation Telegram

The new Android Auto interface is more rounded and cleaner, with larger UI elements and controls. Google’s goal is to make it more readable and make the controls more accessible, and also split screen is now more effective.

Here are some of the main changes to Android Auto.

  • On the new dashboard, the map will now be closer to the driver, with improved size/accessibility.

  • Dashboard media cards have a new look and can now grow and shrink dynamically.

  • It is now possible to have the map fill the entire Android Auto-area, giving users more options for choosing a layout on the larger screen.

  • There’s the new Apps Dock, making it easy to switch between recent apps with just one tap.

  • More parts of the system have been updated with Material You design and modernized UI components and layouts.

  • Music and media recommendations from Google Assistant can now be accessed with just a swipe of the media card on the dashboard.

  • The old status icons and Notification Center bell have been merged into an easy-to-understand, touchable area that includes the number of unread messages.