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Turn off camera shutter sound on a Samsung One UI 6 Galaxy device, here’s how 

With One UI 6, Samsung brought various customizations for the Camera app such as a simple and intuitive design, redesigned quick-setting buttons, customized camera widgets, and much more. However, here will we see how you can turn off the camera shutter sound on a Samsung One UI 6 Galaxy device.

With its prominent features and capabilities, Samsung has taken the mobile photography experience to a new level and users are delighted to capture shots with Galaxy devices. But the sound that comes once we press the capture button irritates some users, and they need to turn it off for a particular time or forever.

However, the best part is that Samsung offers its users the ability to turn off the sound of the shutter and turn it on anytime they need it. By the way, no one feels the need to turn on the shutter sound of the camera, so are you also one of those, who want to turn off the camera shutter sound of your Samsung phone running One UI 6. If yes, then this article is a perfect one for you.

To turn off the shutter sound, first visit open the camera app on your Galaxy phone and tap on the redesigned Settings menu of One UI 6. Now, swipe down till the end, then here you will see an option shutter sound with a switch. So just tap on the toggle and you are done.

Samsung One UI 6 Camera Shutter sound

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