Samsung One UI 5 Eligible Devices

These Samsung Android 13 ( One UI 5.0) features can make your Galaxy device experience more inovative

Google has started its Android 13 beta program, and Samsung is yet to release any preview builds based on the upcoming update. However, the Galaxy device owners will be able to test the new Android 13 changes and features through the One UI 5.0 Beta program shortly.

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Meanwhile, several Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets are eligible to try out the One UI 5.0 custom software system. And as usual, Samsung’s high-end models will be the first to taste it. But what features and improvements Samsung will be bringing for us?

Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for this upgrade but the users may have to wait till July when the first One UI 5.0 beta is expected to release. Meanwhile, we are here with the enumeration of features that Samsung users desire to have on their phones.

Samsung One UI 5 Eligible Devices

Samsung One UI 5.0 Features

One UI 5.0 Enhanced Photo Picker

Google Android 13 has an enhanced photo picker that is likely to come in One UI 5.0 as well. With the new OS, the Photo Picker feature is being split to provide more controls over the files that can be accessed by different apps.

There are now different categories for Files and media, Photos and videos, and Music and audio. It will allow users to select specific files to share with different apps, as opposed to an ‘all-or-nothing’ method.

One UI 5.0 Faster Game Loading

Android 13 introduces a faster game loading experience, which is also expected to come with Samsung’s One UI 5.0 upgrade. This feature enables games to pass the top-level state of the game and indicate whether it can be interrupted or not.

It even allows games to convey their current functional state to the operating system and the OS further reduces the load times through power management and CPU.

One UI 5.0 Effective RAM Plus

With the One UI 4.1 update, the Samsung RAM Plus feature added customization capabilities, bringing extra RAM up to 8GB. But users expect that that feature should become really effective with the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 upgrade that will boost the performance, significantly.

One UI 5.0 Themed icons for third-party apps

Samsung One UI 4.1 has a color palette that syncs with your phone’s wallpaper and when enabled, it not only applies to menus, buttons, and backgrounds but also to Google and Samsung app icons on your phone.

But that is not enough, users want these themes to be functional for third-party applications on their phones as well. Fortunately, this is going to be true. Android 13 Beta reveals that just like Samsung and Google Apps adopt the Material You theme on your One UI phone, third-party apps will also.

One UI 5.0 Easy QR Code Scanner

QR codes are everywhere now. Although Samsung already provides easy QR code scanning through the phone’s camera, it will become easier with future upgrades.

Samsung One UI 5.0 will let Galaxy users scan QR Codes directly from the lock screen, making it a more involuntary method of being able to scan QR codes than the existing ones.

One UI 5.0 New Charging Animation

Samsung brought a completely new charging animation with Android 12-based One UI 4.0. But the few months old One UI 4.1 doesn’t have any changes in the charging animation, it continues to use the One UI 4.0’s.

Meanwhile, users get really bored of the same thick and green-colored circular animation and are expecting some modification on this side also.

One UI 5.0 Smart Home Controller

Samsung One UI 4.1 Lock Screen Settings doesn’t have any options to let you control your smart home products on the lock screen. Meanwhile Android 13 One UI 5.0 will come with a toggle to enable a feature named “Control from locked device”.

One UI 5.0 new Clipboard Popup

Samsung One UI 5.0 new clipboard popup will provide more context about what you copied and allow you to edit it with ease

One UI 5.0 Improved Bluetooth connectivity

With the One UI 5.0 upgrade Samsung could introduce Bluetooth Low Energy Audio which reduces energy consumption while keeping audio quality the same. It might also add features like location-based audio sharing, hearing aid support, as well as multi-device audio broadcasting for Android users.

One UI 5.0 Notification permission

A most anticipated feature will come to your Galaxy device with One UI 5 which is Notification permission. In order to send you notifications, apps will need you to give them your permission and you can say ‘no’ if you don’t want a particular app to send notification.

One UI 5.0 Auto delete clipboard history

One UI 5.0 adds a new clipboard auto-clear feature to delete the primary clip from the global clipboard after a set amount of time. This feature is similar to Gboard, which currently uses Android’s clipboard service to automatically clear any clipboard item after a set duration