These are our top 5 favorite One UI 5.0 features

Samsung never fails in providing the most adequate capabilities for its users, and at the moment, the company is running its One UI 5 beta activity based on Android 13, which is currently limited to Galaxy S22 series users in the countries like US, China, Germany, and Korea.

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The users of the Galaxy S22 series are experiencing many great features, and the South Korean giant has also shared the changelog of this One UI 5 beta update, which mentions several optimizations and features. Here in this article, we will discuss the top 5 best features that the One UI 5 beta update brings.

One UI 5 Beta features

 Top 5 features of One UI 5

Material You Theming

With One UI 5.0, Samsung will let the Galaxy users, make their home screen look more attractive, as the company has brought a major upgrade to the Material You Theming, now the theming will be applicable for all apps.

This means along with the Samsung and Google applications, the third-party apps will also adopt the wallpaper theme colors based on the material you theming.

Show app name in Edge panel

After upgrading to One UI 5 the users will notice a great change in the edge panel of their Galaxy smartphone. You will see the names of the application below the app icon on your edge panel. Earlier there was only the icon was visible which sometimes makes confusion.

But now with the One UI 5, you will be allowed to see the names of the application below their icons. It will lessen the confusion and make the life of users more easy and convenient.

Get only the notifications you allow

Notifications are a must if we carry a Smartphone, as it contains several applications which dispatch multiple notifications and our notification panel got loaded with these notifications, sometimes, our important messages or mail got lost and we do not get access to them quickly.

So the recently released feature of One UI 5 will help you, you will be able to allow the notification of the application which you feel useful and can disable them which is not that useful for you or you use them occasionally.

Stackable Widgets

With One UI 5 beta, the smart widget are been converted to stackable widgets. Now you will be able to create the scrollable quick-look widgets simply by long pressing a top existing widget on your homescreen, it will also let you combine several widgets of the same size into a single widget to save space on your Home screen.

Users will also be able to set widgets in a stack auto-rotating form depending upon your Galaxy screen orientation, the users can access them by swiping to the left or right.

More options for your color palette

The users of Galaxy devices will experience enhanced options in the color palette, after upgrading to one UI 5. Because this latest advancement allows you to choose from a total of 16 color themes and general color themes based on the wallpaper.

This enhancement in the color palette will let you illustrate your smartphone in a more enhanced manner, which will make your device look more attractive.

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