Galaxy S21

T-Mobile releases VoNR 5G network technology for Samsung Galaxy S21 in the US

According to new information, After the Galaxy S22 series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series became the second smartphone lineup to grab this futuristic Vo5G/VoNR network technology by T-Mobile in the United States.

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Now, T-Mobile carrier is able to bring the only nationwide standalone 5G network in the country “to the next level”. As the 5G is a next-gen network, the VoNR slightly reduces the call set-up times, bringing fewer delays between the time a number is dialed and when the phone starts ringing on the other side.

Moreover, the launch of VoNR feature clears T-Mobile’s path to introduce the full capacity of its standalone 5G network. TMONews reported that T-Mobile VoNR is live for a limited number of Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone consumers in Portland, OR and Salt Lake City, UT.

However, T-Mobile plans to expand this technology to more areas and compatible devices within 2022 itself. Samsung official in America also comes up with a statement on T-Mobile’s such big achievement as the Galaxy S21 series phones are involved in the 5G VoNR trial.

“At Samsung, we want to give our users the best possible 5G experience on every device – and today’s announcement represents a big step forward.”

“By supporting extensive integration and testing, and working alongside an industry leader like T-Mobile, we’re bringing to life all the benefits of 5G technology with the help of our Samsung Galaxy devices.”