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Samsung leads the way with fastest Android updates in 2022

As per the latest analysis, Samsung is the fastest Android update provider. The tech research firms have reported that today Samsung promises to provide four years of Android updates and five years of security patch updates.

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Now we can clearly see that the company even leaves behind Google Pixel 6 in terms of update policies. As Google only provides three years of continuous updates. This can surely lead Samsung way to be the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world.

Notably, Samsung Galaxy S series phones are the best example of this as they are getting the fastest security patch updates. Do not get excited, major Android updates are still taking time. However, Samsung is putting a lot of effort to get the job done at faster speeds.

samsung phone

Competent Vision

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 continues to grow Samsung’s legacy in the premium segment smartphone market. While Samsung Galaxy A series offers a greater valued experience and affordable prices under its new update policy.

Still, Apple seems to be a tough competitor for Samsung in the field of providing the latest software update even to its oldest devices. It looks like its closed source operating system provides it a major advantage.

What does a Smartphone user want?

Nowadays, the smartphone seems to be an essential movable asset for the commons. They want their smartphone to get all the recent software and security patch updates, and many users like me always eagerly wait for the new updates to come. In the previous month only I have received May 2022, patch updates for my S21.

Samsung should put all its focus to roll out major software updates at a faster rate, and not only to a single series of devices but to all the series of smartphones. Because it is already good at providing the top-spec feature to its all range of devices accordingly.

As smartphone seems to be a one-time investment for the common people, they want to make all, out of it. Many budget phone buyer keeps their smartphone for a longer duration. So, Samsung should put its will to provide major updates to these segments for at least five years.