Samsung’s surge overtakes Apple in India’s premium smartphone market

Key Points:

  • With a 44% share of India’s premium smartphone market, Samsung’s rapid growth is countering Apple’s leadership in the sector.
  • Apple’s share fell year-on-year to 45%, which shows how Samsung has made major inroads into the market.
  • No matter how Samsung emerges, Apple still rules the super-premium portion, leading the way for two great companies to compete.

In the changing environment of India’s smartphone market, Samsung has become a strong competitor to Apple, challenging its former title of leader in the premium segment. According to a recent IDC report, Samsung’s aggressive campaign has made it the runner-up with 44% share, just one point behind Apple’s iPhone, which has 45%.

Samsung’s increase in market share marks a dramatic change from last year when the Galaxy maker captured 16% of the premium smartphone market. This rapid growth shows how strong the rivalry is between Samsung and Apple, with Samsung itself taking a big step to close the gap.

According to IDC, the premium segment, which ranges between $600 and $800, saw a 21% decline in unit shipments, reflecting changing customer preferences and market conditions. The main brands driving the market in Q1 2024 were the iPhone 13, Galaxy S23FE/S23, iPhone 12 and OnePlus12.

That’s not Samsung’s ultimate advantage, with Apple continuing its dominance in the super-premium segment, showing that the iPhone is still a popular choice among affluent consumers. The report also outlines various factors influencing market conditions, such as new product entries, promotional activities and microfinancing schemes designed to make things affordable.

The two giants Samsung and Apple are working hard to attract Indian customers, which is why the premium smartphone market will become even more competitive in the coming quarters.

Blight Mojave
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