Samsung unveils new virtual space in Fortnite’s sunset RP island and introduces ‘Made for Germany’ TV streaming

Key Points:

  • Fortnite Collaboration: Samsung moves to Fortnite and inserts a new virtual world in Sunset RP Island, thus, enhancing its gaming area with interactive missions and rewards.
  • SAM’S MANSION OF ADVENTURES: Dig into Samsung’s digital world, which is in charge of SAM, a virtual world full of missions that relate to Samsung’s products and partners, and they are all connected by SmartThings.
  • “Made for Germany” TV Promotion: Samsung presents a pioneering TV campaign in Germany where residents are given the privilege of using major streaming services for 24 months after purchasing certain Samsung devices.

In a smart move to expand its game space, Samsung has introduced a new gaming space in Fortnite that is perfect for the gaming world. SAM’s Mansion of Adventures, also known as SAM’s Mansion of Exciting Virtual Adventures, will be located on Fortnite’s Sunset RP Island, created by Matilha Studios.

Samsung’s digital influencer SAM welcomes guests, and then he takes them into a world full of missions and rewards, all tied to Samsung products and partners. SmartThings allows users to perform every task, and thus, the experience is dynamic and immersive.

Additionally, Samsung appears to be starting the TV streaming revolution in Germany with its “Made for Germany” promotion. Samsung welcomes the elimination of additional costs, thus, allowing residents to choose their provider and watch their selected television channels.

As per the advanced offer, buyers of certain Samsung devices will be able to access television and streaming services for free for 24 months. The variety of promotions includes a rich tapestry of items like Telecom’s Magenta TV, Dreamworld, Boris the Elephant and Disney+. Samsung not only promotes its traditional options which include sizes ranging from 98 inches to the latest models, but also promotes its cutting-edge devices that will enhance the customer experience.

Blight Mojave
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