Samsung’s high-tech mask purifies air on the go

Samsung Smart Mast
Samsung Smart Mast

Imagine a mask that is not only protective but also the quality of the air that you inhale. A good facemask should be helpful to your lungs. With this innovative approach, the device could be the top new invention, given that it is only on the level of the patent recently issued by Samsung.

It is not a disposable electronic mask that only provides filtering, not speaking. With an inbuilt processor, sensor addition, and fan, it is designed to use the model as required depending on the environment. The choice between different color filters represented by colored lenses (MA-60, MA-80, or MA-94 which give different levels of protection) means the device immediately determines the correct color due to color signaling. Sensors living inside the filters detect when they are about to reach saturation, so they trigger the productive processor to adjust the fan speed. High-energy, fast fan, cleans when the filter is dirty and saves battery power accordingly.

It provides you with a clean breathing system while driving in congested city traffic, on public transport, or while gyming, which means you are inhaling fresh air.

but that’s not all! A companion mobile app will keep you up to date with the current standings and player statistics. Make sure you try out the filter grade, battery life, fan speed and even breathing stats for real! Unlike most masks, this one will have features like a tool to adjust the sound and it will be a truly unique experience.

On the other hand, this is not only a patent but also points to Samsung’s desire to establish a position in the electronic mask market. Nowadays, as air pollution levels are increasing to dangerous points, such innovative technology can be a life changer. It remains to be seen if this design is chosen among the remaining designs, but Samsung’s strategy for a future that is not polluted and where people take care of themselves and the environment is undoubtedly interesting.

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