Ever Wonder What Time it is on Mars? Now your Galaxy Watch can tell you

Samsung Galaxy Time
Samsung Galaxy Time

Calling all space enthusiasts! Samsung is always looking for a spark and right now it’s teaming up with the European Space Agency (ESA) to make that cosmic link on your wrist even more possible. They’ve revealed an entirely new Galaxy Watch face called “Galaxy Time” to make it possible for you to leave Earth-time and explore the sounds produced by our solar system.

Imagine this: Looking down at the clock to see not just an old 12-hour dial, but labeled with the names of planets like Mercury, Venus, or Neptune. Each planet’s rotation spans a far greater variety of days and periods of the year than Earth’s. However, Galaxy Time brings that remarkable truth to your wrist and takes this development even further.

It’s not just a stunt; The feelings are true. Indeed, the main strength of Galaxy Time is its professionalism, achieved with the guidance of ESA. It’s based on a true time display for eight planets that lets you compare our planet’s 24-hour cycle with the quick rotation of Mercury or the longer rotation of Venus. But that’s not all!

Galaxy Time is a type of watch that is, first and foremost, about timekeeping. It is the gateway to learning a lot about the planets. This expanse of knowledge includes the distance of each from Earth and the Sun and the number of known moons of each planet. Who wouldn’t be curious to know the weather on Mars at this time or the exact position of Jupiter in the solar system? Here we have come up with our app named Galaxy Time so that you will never be left behind.

The Galaxy Buds, the variant of this wireless earbud, is available and expected to launch on March 31 through the Google Play Store, just be sure to check the availability of this device in the regions where you live. Galaxy Time syncs seamlessly with all Galaxy Watch versions running Wear OS (Galaxy Watch 4 and later), taking you on an adventure to experience time in a whole new way, So this is a typical Galaxy watch for space lovers.

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