Samsung Frame-Disney100 Edition US

Samsung US brings back the magic – The Frame-Disney100 Edition is here 

In the realm of home entertainment, Samsung has always been a frontrunner, combining cutting-edge technology with captivating design. Samsung is back with a delightful surprise for its US customers as it unveils The Frame-Disney100 Edition.

This new edition is a fusion of art and entertainment that transforms your living space into a magical Disney-inspired wonderland. To be mentioned, the new Samsung The Frame-Disney100 Edition TV was unveiled back in August and is now available in the US.

It comes in three sizes including a 55-inch model, a 65-inch model, and a 75-inch model. This limited edition of The Frame features a sleek branded bezel, 100 special pieces of art from the Disney collection, and a Mickey Mouse-inspired remote, designed to delight Disney fans all over the world.

Samsung Electronics America said, 

  • “It is wonderful to collaborate with Disney for this special edition of The Frame, and while the unbelievable demand came as no surprise, we are absolutely thrilled by the tremendous response.”
  • “Samsung technology should seamlessly blend with your personal style in a way that easily enhances both your day-to-day, and your décor look. Put simply – it should be magic.
  • We’re so excited that people can see how The Frame delivers all that and more, as even more experience their Disney100 edition TVs firsthand!”

Samsung Frame-Disney100 Edition US


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