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One UI Home App jumps to new version with Samsung One UI 6 Beta 9

Samsung has recently dropped the One UI 6 Beta 9 update for Galaxy S23 devices in the US. This new beta build brings fixes for some common bugs and issues, in addition, the One UI 6 Beta 9 also upgrades some Samsung apps including One UI Home to a new version.

The Home App is a vital part of the Samsung One UI experience as it’s responsible for the overall look and feel of the device. With the introduction of Samsung One UI 6 Beta 9, the One UI Home App is getting a significant overhaul.

Samsung has always been committed to offering top-tier performance in its devices. With the new One UI Home App, you can expect improved responsiveness, smoother animations, and faster transitions.

However, the new version of the One UI Home app didn’t mention any significant features, but with One UI 6 Beta 9 Samsung is expected to optimize the user experience for speed and fluidity.

Other than the US, the One UI 6 Beta 9 is also available in Germany and the UK and will be available to more region users soon. Keep an eye out for the availability of One UI 6 Beta 9 in your region, and get ready to explore the new and improved One UI Home App.

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